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Helping single parents break the cycle of poverty and illiteracy

A journey that began as shame and disappointment birthed a testimony of perseverance and servant leadership. She is 17 and pregnant carrying the shame of disappointing her family. Walking among peers at school who are excited about college and living the free life. She isn’t excited; happy for them, but sad for herself because she is pregnant. Society says pregnancy out of wedlock equals welfare, no future, and sometimes abortion. Most young ladies succumb to the stigma and this becomes their story. Not for her. She has made up in her mind that she will not continue to be a statistic. She decided in one quick moment to do something that altered the course of her life, but there is no reason why she still cannot pursue her dreams. There it is. A made-up mind, she will be somebody. She will be the positive example of what hard work, dedication, and perseverance means to her child. She did it. She is in college away from home with her child. It’s their journey; the journey that will lead to endless possibilities for them both. She did it. She has completed her first year…her second…and now her fifth and final year. She did it. She broke the statistical curse and proved all of society wrong. From that moment forward the cycle of poverty and illiteracy will be broken. Graduation is here, and as she looks into the eyes of her five-year-old son she says, “We did it, but our journey has just begun.” I am she.

Nichole D. Thomas  - Founder

Certified Keto Nutritional Health Coach

Certified Scrum Master

Certified Product Owner